Thursday, September 10, 2009

and I love you so

Dear friends, At this time last year, I was also an excited bride-to-be. My husband and I were keen on looking for ways to make sure that we will have the wedding of our dreams may it be by attending as much bridal fairs as we can, going to Divisoria on weekends and being as much hands-on as we can. We succeeded. On August 8, 2008, my husband and I were married in Antipolo Cathedral and it was the happiest day in our lives. After the wedding, we moved to an apartment immediately and experienced the independent and carefree life of a newlywed couple. We traveled, went to malls and enjoyed life's simple pleasures like cuddling on DVD nights or doing the grocery on payday or eating burger at midnight or doing the house chores while playing loud music. (Embedded image moved to file: pic12760.jpg) But everything crashed on May 1 this year. Eight months through our marriage, my husband had a heart attack while swimming during our company outing. There was no premonition. We really didn't expect it. Although he had a family history of heart conditions, he was so fit and healthy. I couldn't find words to describe what I feel - anger, pain, guilt.... He passed away at the time when we were so in love and had so much hope for the future. We didn't even have the chance to have kids together. I am still in pain. I am still grieving. I have my good days when I can appreciate the blessings in spite of the tragedy. But most of the time I have my bad days when I feel like tearing my hair out and just cry myself to sleep. It is especially difficult now because our first wedding anniversary is coming up. I keep remembering how my husband and I would talk about how we would spend it and where we would travel to celebrate it. Thinking about that day really scares me. But I am writing not to paint a grim picture of my life. I am sharing this because I would like to point out five lessons in our love story which hopefully would do some good for married couples, even future ones too. · Never waste your time with petty quarrels - Although our married life was happy, we were not a perfect couple. We also have our petty quarrels like tampuhan over who would prepare our meal or for not being able to text at the right time or for being 30 minutes late. We 'd not talk for some time until during the wee hours in the morning when we were both in bed then he would reach out and hug me then say, "bati na tayo." Oh how I wish I could bring back the time and not even bother with these petty things. Never ever let a day pass without patching things up and talking it over. Now I realize that I should have said sorry more often. · Offer words of affirmation - I remember how we would often ask each other: do you love me or are you happy with me? It was good that we did this because right now, his words of affirmation keep me going whenever I am on the verge of depression. Besides, expressing your love and your happiness will add strength to yo ur relationship. · Find joy out of simple things - Always show your partner that you appreciate him - whether it's a phone call during the day to say hello, or buying lugaw for pasalubong, or cooking his favorite meal. And when he does some thing for you, don't forget to say thank you even for little things. As they say, familiarity breeds contempt - don't fall into that trap. · Always make memories - Our time was short but for me, every minute was in color. Every word exchanged, every place we've been to and every restaurant we ate at were all deeply etched on my mind. It helped that we had our websites and albums to document our life together. Our first purchase as a couple was a digital camera and it was so well-used that we were able to build 6 albums of pictures in such a short time. · Express your love - A hug, a touch in the head, a peck on the cheek - there are so many ways to express your love. But most importantly, verbalize it. Saying "I love you" as much as you can will not only make your partner feel good but will also inspire him. We were married on 888 and spent 8 months together as husband and wife. Yes, I still feel rotten and empty at times. But I have hope in the future and trust in the Lord. I will survive this. My husband's life was short but it was a life well-lived. But I believe in our love and I believe that we will see each other again - in God's time. God bless all of you. Roanna (ni Jarwin) 8-8-8 | Antipolo Cathedral

Sunday, September 6, 2009

A well loved Night-out

It was really a beautiful Friday night with my former co-employees in CAD Remittance Dept.(RCBC) a night out which started only as a major reunion three years ago then became our way of staying in touch with each other. The first reunion we had which we celebrated at La Tiera Hotel in Makati on November 30, 2006 was a huge success. It was followed by a "despedida" party for Mam Lennie (my ever favorite boss)who retired from her work after so many fruitful years she had spent with RCBC along with Macel Bathan who accepted a big offer by another bank. We had it last March 2008 at SMX-MOA Dampa site a very famous place in Manila nowadays where "Paluto" is their way of making customers enjoy fresh dishes straight from its market. The third one, I joined the planning but unfortunately I missed the event which I really regret it coz' it was my sweet friend Baby Panganiban's farewell party for us who left the bank for a greener pasture in another corporate world. Well, I guess some guys are lucky enough...It was a rainy Friday Night when I arrived late (as always) in Glorietta where we decided to make the event happened. As I went inside the sumptuous place of DaD's (the buffet was superb), I saw the old familiar places wearing bright faces as everyone was smiling at each other as if one has found her long lost friend. The food was great but the most beautiful thing that happened was the nice conversation, the nice stories told and the "question and answer" portion which everyone cannot help to ask "how was everything?" Although we were not able to get the best attendance, the night was unforgettable . We took nice shots of our group and we also enjoyed the smartness of Savvy, Chrisy Gatmen's lovely dottie. As we wrapped up the night saying goodbye's and good nights with each other, we agreed to have a repeat of this lovely event. My gratitude to Ma'am Lennie, Ma'am Edith (another favorite boss of mine)and Ma'am Christy who shared their blessings who made that night so yummy and also to my former colleagues who stayed as good friends of mine. Well guys I really miss your company and the most beautiful thing happened in my entire life with RCBC, I am sure that I only had it with you. I find it kind of funny when I would dream that we can go back to the times where we worked together not only as associates but as a close family. It makes me feel sad everytime I think of youand all the things in the past. But, I am so thankful that I met you and had spent some wonderful years with you.;)