Friday, September 3, 2010

Immortal teleserye will soon be on the way on primetime television. Aside from the amazing trailer of the said soap by Angel Locsin and John Lloyd Cruz, the (OST) theme song music video is already out. The music was performed by Hale feat. Angel Locsin in the music video.A new drama romance fantasy and fiction twined together to come up with another first in Pinoy tv series. Imortal teleserye tells of love between two immortals, a werewolf and a vampire bound by the unexpected. Immortal as their acting abilities are, this is the new teleserye that stars the beautiful and sexy Angel Locsin with John Lloyd Cruz. Both were paired for the first time with each other to give a different combination of entertainment and irony to the story. I think this will not be compared with the Twilight saga of Stephanie Meyer. I understand this is the sequel of Lobo which aired also on ABS CBN primetime shows two years ago. It was also starred by Angel Locsin but Piolo Pascual as her love interest. I also believed that in this teleserte, Angel Locsin was nominated as Best Actress in the Emmy Award in New York city sometime in November 2009. This is something I will look forward to, although, ABS-CBN has not announced yet its telecast. Coming soon!
I chanced upon this article and had thoughts of posting this to my blog. Why not, I have been watching foreign movies at the Shangri-la Cinema Complex in Edsa, Mandaluyong City for almost two years now, since they were shown free. So, why not give our local movies especially the "classic" ones a second look where most of them, were shown when I wasn't born yet. Although, these movies are likely introduced to me somehow. I am sure that they are all-worth watching. So guys, it's time to give our local movies our most precious time by watching them even though they were filmed in the time of our parents & grandparents.

The film festival runs at the Tanghalang Manuel Conde, Cultural Center of the Philippines
from 2-5 pm.

September 11, 2010 = Masquerade (1967) Directed by Danny Zialcita

October 9, 2010 = Kasal o Sakal (1964) Directed by Efren Reyes & Johnny Reyes

November 13, 2010 = Ito Ang Pilipino (1966) Directed by Cesar Gallardo

December 11, 2010 = Gaano Kita Kamahal (1993) Directed by Butch Perez

January 15, 2011 = Waray-Waray (1954) Directed by F.H. Constantino

For inquiries and reservations please call the Media Arts Division at Tel Nos. 832-1125 loc. 1702 / 1704 / 1712 or email us at

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Well, I got this viral infection and it really annoys me...pinkeye, madras eye, red stopped my world from spinning. I hate it..I hate it...coz it hurts!

After awhile, i had some thoughts upon contracting this kind of bacteria that penetrated my eyes, I gave it a ditch. I browsed all items related to this kind of viral infection which I really hate so much.I found out that Conjunctivitis is the inflammation of the conjunctiva, a thin, delicate membrane that covers the eyeball and lines the eyelid. Conjunctivitis is an extremely common eye problem because the conjunctiva is continually exposed to microorganisms and environmental agents that can cause infections or allergic reactions. Conjunctivitis can be acute or chronic depending upon how long the condition lasts, the severity of symptoms, and the type of organism or agent involved. It can also affect one or both eyes and, if caused by infection, can be very easily transmitted to others during close physical contact, particularly among children in a daycare center. Other names for conjunctivitis include pink eye and red eye...

You may also look at this, it may give you more insights,

I visited an Ophthalmologist who examined my eyes and alas, he advised me not to work for 7-10 days. Hep-hep..hooray, I love it...instant vacation, being away from stress that was created by my work. I won't mind the hurt, discomfort all I want is to enjoy my vacation spree in my humble home.

I found new buddies in this ordeal, they are my ever loving eye drops Tobradex (courtesy of Makati Eye Laser), Green Cross 70% solution alcohol, cellphone and of course the last but not the least, my laptop which will be my companion throughout the entire vacation spree.

Thanks to Facebook that will be my channel to view the world. My cellphone that will link me to my colleagues, the alcohol that will sanitize me and my eye drops to take care of my virus.

All new lessons learned will be inked in my heart. First of all the firsts, always wash your hands properly while you're singing Happy birthday.Second, do not touch the infected area and third, stay away from your loved ones because they may also get the infection and do not forget to drink vitamin C to boost your immune system.

One last important thing, I am happier now because I will be free from hearing unpleasant words from a blabber mouth co-worker and from a strict and not-so-good night supervisor who's so nosy about so many things. Alas, I would be enjoying a stress-free vacation.

I know God is really good. He will cure me totally. I guess, this is a blessing in disguise because I have been wanting a vacation.