Friday, October 21, 2011


This is the scene where I really cried hard. I love this show on ABS CBN. It's actually the second soap opera which I followed the story. First is the baker King a korean Novela aired in another network, GMA Channel 7. Both shows depict a story of a mother to her son. This is very close to my heart. I may have not experienced a son being mentally challenged or being parted from my child, but the love of a mother to her son is one of the greatest gift God has given to mankind. All thumbs up for Gerald Anderson who gives justice to his role as mentally challenged. He forgets that he is Gerald Anderson but portrays a powerful character in Budoy. One more thing, I am so impressed with Janice de Belen. She is the real drama queen and I kike her so much back in her Florde Luna days. I hope more Filipinos will watch the drama especially those families who have a child who is mentally challenged. I love the show very much. I would not want to miss a single episode.